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October 2020

Dear Residents

This past year has brought about drastic changes not only in our Village but in our world. The Board of Trustees and I would like you to know that the health and safety of our Village residents is always our top priority. I want to thank our Board of Trustees for their tireless efforts and hard work as we sailed through these uncharted waters. I’d also like to thank our COVID-19 Committee who was responsible for creating and enforcing safety protocols and best practices both during and after the lockdown. Our office staff, DPW, Golf Maintenance, Police and Locker Room staff were also instrumental in keeping the Village running. Recently for your added protection we have installed Merv-13 air filters in all our Village facilities. Lastly, I’d like to thank the residents for your patience, understanding and support. We appreciate you all. Now, I’d like to share with you some important issues and changes related to the Village.

First, I would like thank Judge Boris and Deputy Mayor Steve Lam for their devoted service to our Village. Both have dedicated their lives to making our Village a better place and have left a deep imprint here. Their contributions cannot be understated. Our Village Election was Tuesday, September 15th and two new trustees were elected into office. I would like to welcome Spyros Dimitratos and Fred Handsman to the Board. Our Associate Judge Mark Mermel was also elected as Village Justice. For those who wish to serve on a committee or become more involved in Village Affairs please feel free to notify me of your interest.

In response to multiple complaints of transient residential behavior, we recently passed a law that restricts short term rentals in the Village. The law sets minimum rental terms for those residents who wish to rent their homes. This law now requires homeowners to complete a rental registry permit application which will be submitted to and approved by the Village Office. There is no cost for the application. This registry is meant to ensure the safety of all residents. Any persons found in violation of this law will be subject to penalties.

Following a recent traffic calming study on one of our busier streets and in response to numerous complaints about increased “cut through” traffic, we have added additional traffic patrols dedicated to traffic calming. This allows for better enforcement of traffic laws.

In addition, please remember that cars are prohibited from parking on roadways. We are taking enforcement seriously as our police chief believes that cars parked on the street creates safety issues. It also will help out our police to notice any unusual activity in the neighborhood. If there is room in your driveway, please do not leave your car on the roadway. When you are having a function or guests at your home that will result in your guests parking on roadways, please call the police to inform them.Our dispatchers are prepared to handle your phone call. In addition, make sure your guests park on the same side of the street so as to allow access for emergency vehicles to pass through. The police will provide you with “no parking” signs that can be placed on the opposite side of the street to avoid cars parking opposite each other. The police will ask that a car be removed from the roadway if it causes a hazardous condition. We are trying to use common sense when it comes to this issue and if there is no good reason to park on the roadway, please do not.

Also with some many people out walking this year and our days getting shorter, please remember to wear light or reflective clothing at night. Carrying a flashlight is a good idea. We have very dark streets and last thing we need is someone not being seen at night as a car comes by. House numbers must be illuminated so that in the event of an emergency police and emergency services can quickly identify your home. In an emergency every second counts.

Despite a delayed opening this year, our golf course has been busier than ever. With the hiring of our new golf Course Superintendent Team, Jon Price and Rob Bailey, now in their second season, the improvement in conditions are quite remarkable and the course has never looked better. Honestly, people cannot get enough of playing golf this year. If you are not a member you should contact our Pro Shop to schedule a tour. We have a beautiful facility and a magnificent course.

Our gym is now open. We have been inspected by the Nassau County Department of Health and are adhering to all NYS health and safety requirements. There is a reservation system in place with limited slots and time frames. Please visit the Village website for additional information.

I would personally like to thank Trustee Farkas and the Park Commission for getting the pool and park open and running very smoothly under the circumstances they were dealt. There were very few complaints and most people said it was one of the best summers at the pool.

Due to COVID-19 the Board of Trustees and I opted to cancel many of our normally scheduled Village Events such as Movie Night, our Block Party and Labor Day BBQ for this year. We are optimistic we will be able to resume these events in 2021.

It has been an honor and pleasure serving our Village and I thank you for re-electing me as your Mayor. I look forward to another two years.


Adam C. Hoffman