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Contact information

Pool Gate/Director (during season): 516-482-4764
Tennis Pro Xavier Cedeno: 516-982-9331
Recreation Director:

2020 Pool Application

2020 Pool Rules

Reservations can only be made by calling the pool gate at 516-306-4411 between the hours of 12 noon and 4 pm the day before your desired visit. Confirmation of your reservation, if one is available, will be by email from by 7pm that day. Your reservation is not final until you receive the confirmation email. Please bring a copy of the confirmation with you. There will be no exceptions to the reservation rules. The decisions of our Park Directors will be final.

Dear Residents

The pool has been open since July 10th and so far, it has been a success. We thank the pool directors, pool staff, Public Works, Board of Trustees, the Park Commission, Park Commission Secretary, and the Village Office for all of their hard work in getting it all together so quickly during the pandemic. We also thank all of the residents for their cooperation, patience and understanding.

We would like to address a few items:

1. POOL HOURS: Starting Tuesday, July 28th, we have extended the pool hours for the second session on Tuesdays and Thursdays for one hour.

The second session will be from 2:30 PM -7 PM on those 2 days.

2. RESERVATIONS: Please be reminded that advance reservations must be made the day before between 12:00 PM and 4:00 PM. Reservations are to be made by phone at 516-306-4411 which is the dedicated line used for this purpose.

3. CANCELLATION OF RESERVATIONS: Anybody who makes a reservation and cannot attend MUST email or call the pool desk 516-482-4764 to cancel the reservation.

This is very important because you are taking a reservation away from one of your neighbors.

Anyone who fails to cancel a reservation and does not show up on more than three occasions will be prohibited from making any further advance reservations.

4. SAME DAY RESERVATIONS: Same day reservations will now be permitted, subject to availability.

Pool members may call the pool desk on the same day. Once again, the pool desk number is 516-482-4764.

5. RESERVATIONS TO USE THE POOL FOR THE TUESDAY SESSIONS: Remember, that the pool is closed on Mondays. We ask that residents please make their reservations for the Tuesday Sessions on the Sunday before from 12 PM - 4 PM.

6. LAP LANES: Effective immediately, only one person at a time will be permitted to use the lap lanes. Family members will be permitted to share a lap lane. This is for the safety of the residents during the pandemic.

Dear Residents,

The Board of Trustees has implemented the following rules and restrictions effective immediately relating to the use of the park and tennis courts when they open. The status of the pool is also discussed below. As circumstances may change, these rules and restrictions are also subject to change, as may be determined by the Board of Trustees. In addition, anyone who violates these rules will be subject to being required to leave the park immediately.

The Board of Trustees has been working very hard to try to implement safe practices and procedures with the goal of reopening the Village services to the safest extent possible.

Please keep in mind that we are all in this together, and we all need to exercise safe practices to ensure the safety of every resident of the Village.


All residents are subject to all COVID-19 policies and restrictions that may be issued by the Village of Lake Success, the County of Nassau and/or The State of New York.

As of now, team sports and contact sports on the field are not permitted.

The basketball courts will remain closed. The rest of the field will be open for "non-team/non-contact" activities.

WHEN ENTERING OR LEAVING THE PARK - all residents are required to wear masks. Tennis players must wear masks until they enter the tennis courts.

WHILE IN THE PARK: Residents are always required to wear a mask when adequate social distancing is not possible.

Unrelated persons may not congregate together.

Bathrooms are available at the ground floor entrance of the police station. Only one person may enter the building at a time, always maintaining adequate social distancing.

Residents arriving at the park should park only in the upper parking lot.



The tennis courts will only be for the residents. No guests will be permitted. Residents must bring proper photo identification to be displayed upon request by the Attendant.

The tennis courts will only be open during the times that the Village has personnel to manage and supervise the courts. We will endeavor to have the courts open from 9am to 5pm every day, but that may be subject to change.

When there is no Attendant present, the tennis courts will be locked, and residents will be prohibited from playing.

Only singles play will be permitted subject to the rules below. We will reevaluate the situation to determine if doubles play will be feasible.


The Village has engaged Xavier, Imran and Ally, as park/tennis Attendants whose primary responsibilities will be to book reservations for tennis court time, and to otherwise supervise and ensure that residents are following the rules governing safe distancing practices throughout the park. They will have the authority to eject persons from the park who are not following park rules as set out in this letter.


In order to minimize crowding of the park, reservations for tennis courts will need to be made in advance. Reservations will be booked on a first come/first serve basis. Residents may book a reservation ONLY by email to the email address below with the following informaiton:

1. Date requested

2. Time requested

3. Court preference

4. Name of players

5. Resident VLS Address

6. Phone number


Reservations must be made in advance, there will be no walk-on players permitted.

Booked reservations will be displayed at the tennis kiosk.



1. Always maintain a distance of at least six feet from other players. Do not make physical contact with the other players - such as shaking hands, high fives, rubbing elbows, etc.

2. Avoid touching your face after handling a ball, racket or other equipment.

3. Avoid sharing food, drinks or towels

4. Avoid touching the tennis balls, use your racket/foot to pick up balls or to give them back to the opposing player.

5. Remain apart from other players when taking a break or otherwise.

6. Each player must bring their own tennis balls and must not share tennis balls as more fully set forth below.

7. Do not share equipment

8. Avoid touching court gates, fences, benches etc. as much as possible

9. Consider taking extra precautions. such as wearing gloves


Players are encouraged to bring with them at least 2 cans of tennis balls that do not share the same number on the ball. One set is for one player and the other set is for the other player. Players must not touch the tennis balls belonging to the other player. Use the racket or your feet to kick the balls back to the other player.


As set forth above, at this time, doubles play will not be permitted.


The primary goal of the Board of Trustees is the safety of the residents of the Village. In order to maintain the highest standard of safety, please be advised that anyone who violates any rules is subject to being expelled from the tennis courts and from the park. We encourage anyone who observes unsafe practices to report them to the Park Attendants or to the Village Office. As previously stated, all of these rules are subject to revocation or change by the Village at the discretion of the Board of Trustees.

Very Truly Yours,

Trustee Lawrence Farkas,

Park Commissioner


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If you wish to use one of the courts please check in with the tennis attendant stationed at the field or at the pool gate. You will be asked to present a validated park I.D. card and sign-in. All guests and daily members must pay the applicable fees. The attendant will then unlock the court for you. Your I.D. card will be returned when you are finished your playing time.

After pool hours, if a court is locked, keys may be obtained at the police station upon presentation of a park I.D.

We hope that by following these tennis court access procedures everyone can enjoy easy and safe use of our tennis courts.

Have a wonderful season!

The Park Commission meetings are scheduled for the
fourth Wednesday of each month
 at 7:30 PM in the Board Room
except as noted.


We have a new running track! With a grant that the Village received from New York State Department of Environmental Conservation, under the supervision of Trustee Steve Lam, a new running track was approved and constructed. The track is environmentally friendly and is about .22 of a mile.

To keep up with all the park events please go to the “Lake Success Park” Facebook Page and Instagram (lakesuccesspark). These are community pages that have all our park events or you can call the Village office for more information.

Some important information:
All persons using the pool or the park facilities (including the tennis courts), must exhibit their leisure pass. I am sure that everyone understands how important this is for the safety and convenience of all of our residents. The recreational staff has been instructed to only allow those with valid ID cards and their guests to use our facilities. Your ID card must be displayed when entering the pool or requesting a tennis court. Those using the ball fields and basketball court must display their ID card if requested by a Village employee.

The Village happily permits “qualified” children, grandchildren, parents and grandparents of seasonal members (i.e “family members” who are listed on your application) to have access to our pool facility on weekdays without requiring that a member accompany them. Family members are required to pay the applicable guest fee. “Family members” will be required to provide picture ID confirming their identity before being permitted access. Once again, this is very important for the safety and convenience of all of our residents.

Halloween Party at the Field


Residents of the Village of Lake Success have a great variety of superb sports and recreational facilities available to them. The Village park located off Vanderbilt Drive, contains a swimming pool, eleven tennis courts (eight clay and three all weather), a playground, two baseball fields, and basketball, handball and volleyball courts. During the summer there is a tennis pro available for lessons at an additional cost for residents of all ages.

These facilities are regulated and administrated by the Village Park Commission which acts under authority delegated by the Village Board of Trustees. The entire facility is supported by Village tax revenues and an annual membership fee. For a small additional fee to those availing themselves of its benefits, a summer day camp program for village children, ages three to six, is operated at the park.

The Lake Success Golf Course is another of our beautiful recreation areas which has been extensively used by our residents since it was organized in 1957. It is an 18 hole facility which has enhanced the value of our homes, and has made Lake Success one of the most desirable villages on the Great Neck peninsula. The Village Golf Course has rules and regulations and fees established and enforced by the Golf Commission, with the Board of Trustees approval.