The Board of Trustees will be holding a Special meeting on Monday, January 30, 2017 at 7:30 P.M. at the Village Hall, 318 Lakeville Road, Great Neck, NY to hear public input, discuss and act on the Catering proposals received.

Dear Residents,

As winter approaches and it gets darker earlier we would like to remind you about pedestrian safety. Lighting on the village streets is limited. If operating a vehicle during this time, please proceed carefully and cautiously throughout the residential areas. Pedestrians should wear reflective clothing and/or carry flashlights to maximize visibility. You should walk as close to the curbline as possible and be aware of vehicle traffic around you.

Your safety is our main concern,
Chief Gardella

Although the Lake Success Police Department has been diligent in keeping the crime of burglary to a minimum, I can not stress enough the importance of you using your alarm to protect your home. By having you home illuminated and alarmed, you will be assisting the Police Department in detering criminal activity.
I appreciate you assistance in keeping our community safe.

Best Regards,
Chief Joseph Gardella

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